Mandolin lesson #4 : Embellishing a melody

I recently had the opportunity to teach a beginner's mandolin workshop at Sore Fingers October Weekend. The basis of this session was to show that developing a creative, colourful solo doesn't have to be overly complicated or technical. I ran through the song You Are My Sunshine, showing how you can take the basic melody... Continue Reading →

Mandolin lesson #3 : Hamilton Ironworks

Welcome to the latest of my free mandolin lessons, which this time is for the fiddle tune Hamilton Ironworks. About the tune Hamilton Ironworks is an old-time fiddle tune that I learnt from the John Hartford album of the same name. This album was the third in a series of old-time fiddle albums that Hartford... Continue Reading →

Mandolin lesson #1 : Trollrikepolska

This is the first in a series of posts where I will share details, tab and recordings of some of my favourite tunes to play on the mandolin. These mini-lessons will help you build up a repertoire of tunes that (I hope) are challenging but fun to play. This first lesson teaches the Swedish tune... Continue Reading →

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