Snooping for snipe

The common snipe can be an elusive bird. Not only does it like to keep hidden (the RSPB describe it as "skulking"), but its mottled plumage acts as a highly effective camouflage. Even when they're right in front of you, snipe can be very hard to spot against a backdrop of yellow and brown vegetation.... Continue Reading →

Putting names to legs

When you walk around a nature reserve with a fancy camera hanging around your neck, it is natural for people to assume you are both an expert birder and experienced photographer. When you're actually a relative novice in both, this can lead to some embarrassing situations. It's not uncommon to be asked unanswerable questions about... Continue Reading →

Majestic Mandarins

Taking pictures of captive animals is considered "cheating" in the world of wildlife photography, but how can one resist when the subject is as beautiful as these mandarin drakes? These photogenic fellows at WWT Slimbridge posed wonderfully, even putting on a cheeky grin for the camera.

Sunsets and starlings

We headed to the RSPB's Newport Wetlands reserve this week to catch the starling murmuration which was expected around dusk. Arriving in plenty of time, we took a stroll around the reserve. Like WWT Steart Marshes, this site lives in the shadow of a power station, but there are also more pleasing views out across... Continue Reading →

World Lemur Day

What better way to spend World Lemur Day than to head to The Wild Place Project near Bristol and look at their lemurs? Of over 100 lemur species, the Wild Place has 5 - ring-tailed, mongoose, red-bellied, white-belted ruffed and Alaotran gentle lemurs. All but the last live in a walk-through enclosure which means visitors... Continue Reading →

Quack snakes and pink legs

I've been volunteering at WWT Slimbridge for a while now, and every lunchtime I like to take my camera out in pursuit of the perfect duck photo. Getting a close-up portrait of birds takes a lot of patience even when they're in captive collections. They move a lot and usually just at the wrong moment,... Continue Reading →

A trip to Steart Marshes

Steart Marshes is WWT's newest wetlands reserve, having first opened in 2014. It acts as a "working wetland" - not only does it serve as a nature reserve, but it is used for farming livestock, developing fish stocks and helping to absorb carbon to slow climate change. Nearby, Hinckley Point nuclear power station is an... Continue Reading →

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