Nature in lockdown

It all started with some poop. Taking a quick stroll round the garden on March 23rd, just hours before the COVID-19 lockdown was announced, I noticed some unfamiliar droppings beneath the bird table. And near the apple tree. And indeed, just about everywhere. I say "unfamiliar" as I am well acquainted with the sight of... Continue Reading →

One Earth Festival

I was recently invited to be official photographer at the One Earth Festival in Winterbourne, near Bristol. This festival was a fundraiser for Stop Ecocide, an organisation dedicated to changing the law to protect the planet. It was held in the beautiful setting of a farm orchard, and perfect sunny weather ensured the day was... Continue Reading →

Lovely lemurs

A quick trip to the Wild Place Project in Bristol this week resulted in some lovely photos of the red-bellied lemurs. For more photos like this, check out my Flickr.

How to make gifs from video

I recently shot a few short videos of birds and wanted to turn them into gifs to share on social media. I discovered there are a plethora of apps and websites that do this, but they usually add a watermark to the resulting file and none provided the level of control I wanted over the... Continue Reading →

Bluegrass in Bristol

This March I was lucky to get the chance to do a bit of event photography at the Bristol Bluegrass Festival. This two-day festival has been held annually for around 10 years at The Folk House, though last year's was cancelled at the last minute due to heavy snowfall, leading to doubts that it could... Continue Reading →

Springtime on the marshes

A beautiful, sunny February day presented the opportunity for a visit to the Somerset Levels, seeking out wildlife at several of the nature reserves that make up Avalon Marshes. The main aim of the day was to watch the starling murmuration at dusk, an event that can involve close to a million birds. RSPB Greylake... Continue Reading →

Snooping for snipe

The common snipe can be an elusive bird. Not only does it like to keep hidden (the RSPB describe it as "skulking"), but its mottled plumage acts as a highly effective camouflage. Even when they're right in front of you, snipe can be very hard to spot against a backdrop of yellow and brown vegetation.... Continue Reading →

Putting names to legs

When you walk around a nature reserve with a fancy camera hanging around your neck, it is natural for people to assume you are both an expert birder and experienced photographer. When you're actually a relative novice in both, this can lead to some embarrassing situations. It's not uncommon to be asked unanswerable questions about... Continue Reading →

Majestic Mandarins

Taking pictures of captive animals is considered "cheating" in the world of wildlife photography, but how can one resist when the subject is as beautiful as these mandarin drakes? These photogenic fellows at WWT Slimbridge posed wonderfully, even putting on a cheeky grin for the camera.

Sunsets and starlings

We headed to the RSPB's Newport Wetlands reserve this week to catch the starling murmuration which was expected around dusk. Arriving in plenty of time, we took a stroll around the reserve. Like WWT Steart Marshes, this site lives in the shadow of a power station, but there are also more pleasing views out across... Continue Reading →

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