Mandolin lesson #3 : Hamilton Ironworks

Welcome to the latest of my free mandolin lessons, which this time is for the fiddle tune Hamilton Ironworks.

About the tune

Hamilton Ironworks is an old-time fiddle tune that I learnt from the John Hartford album of the same name. This album was the third in a series of old-time fiddle albums that Hartford recorded and sadly, it was his final release before his death in 2001.

This is a jaunty little number in the key of D major. Being an old-time tune, you’ll probably be able to find many different variations of the melody, back-up chords and the order in which to play the parts. My interpretation stays pretty close to the John Hartford version.

Lesson resources

Below you’ll find a PDF of tab/notation and a video of me playing the melody. Use these resources to build up your own version of the tune. Happy picking!

Download the notation and tab for Hamilton Ironworks here (PDF).

Got any questions? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help!

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